Search help

The most basic search provided is the Taxon search.
The easiest way to use this is to start typing in the name of a Genus and let the auto-complete facility offer a list of matching Genus names. Select the Genus you want from the list and then press space and start typing in the Species name you are looking for. Again the auto-complete will offer a list of matching Species names. Select the species name you are looking for and then press 'Search'.
If you want to obtain results for all the Species under a Genus simply press 'Search' after selecting the Genus name from the suggestions list.
As a short cut to finding the Species name from the suggestions list you can simply type in the first few letters of both Genus and Species. So, for example, typing in 'Ca so' will lead to the auto-complete suggesting 'Cantharellus sordidus'. Select this and press 'Search' to find the matching results.

In addition to the auto-complete facility wildcards using '*' are also accepted, enabling you to search, for example, for any name starting with 'Can*'. Note - Wildcards must be preceded by at least 3 characters.

More search options are available by clicking on the 'More Search Options' button. This provides the ability to search on Associated Organism, Country, County and Vice County. Associated Organism is a free text field. Again, wildcards are accepted but must be preceded by 3 characters.
Country, County and Vice County are all select lists, allowing multiple values to be selected and searched for each field.
Searches are inclusive, so if for example you select a Taxon and a Country you will only get results for that Taxon in that Country.

Search results (and downloads) are limited to 2000 results per request. If you are unable to find the accessions you are looking for try refining the search using the additional fields. If you are still unable to locate all the relevant accessions please contact the Mycology team at